Daniel Cigman

Integrative Psychotherapist

Therapy is a healing journey that leads to a deepening of our inner resources, something human and sustaining. A strengthening of a life-affirming resolve in us.
Alongside addressing emotional and psychological difficulties, it's a process of becoming more authentically ourselves.

As a therapist, I facilitate, perhaps guide, in navigating a path towards meaningful change. Mainly it’s about what you bring and openly sharing our responses. Compassionately facing your situation together.

The foundations of the therapeutic relationship are built on dialogue and trust. It’s both confidential and non-judgemental. There’s a professional frame that holds us. It’s a reflective space, as I see it, in which to explore what may previously have been unheard or unacknowledged.

I work with the felt sense, a term which describes making contact with emotions that resonate within us. It’s an intricate way of connecting body and mind, the value of which is supported by clinical research and neuroscience.

Evidence suggests, an openness towards what our bodies tell us holds the key to recovery and renewal. Focusing attention inwardly and working with the felt sense, can subtly release what we emotionally carry alongside deepening our understanding of ourselves. A process that leads to a greater awareness, a sense of acceptance and a kindness towards ourselves.

Qualifications & Experience
I studied at Regents University, a leading training organisation, where I completed a Post Graduate and Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy. I am registered and accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and abide by its code of ethics and practice.

For some years, I worked as a Psychotherapist in an NHS outpatients setting at the Maudsley Hospital, South London.