Alison Thorpe

Person-Centred Counsellor

I’m a warm and approachable counsellor, offering sensitive listening and support. If you decide to work with me, together we can find new ways forward for you. You might come for a few sessions or longer - we can review this as we go along. Usually sessions will be weekly. 

Perhaps you’re coping with some distressing feelings or a difficult life situation – either due to a recent change or event, or more long-standing issues you’ve been coping with. You might be living with anxiety, depression, high stress, sadness or loss, overwhelm or indecision. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck at this point in your life, have lost direction, or are finding that life has lost meaning. Whatever you’re dealing with, you are welcome to book a single session - or have an initial chat on the phone - to explore working with me as your counsellor.

Sometimes what we are experiencing is very hard to put into words. I offer you a supportive space to explore what seems unclear or doesn't make sense (yet) but is causing you stress or unhappiness. You may also want to explore reaching more of your potential.

Change and feeling better happens when we take time to hear ourselves, and explore what’s going on. My own personal experience and my work with clients has shown me that this exploration happens best, or is easiest, in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space. Previous clients have said they were able to talk about embarrassing, shameful or traumatic experiences with me, and find relief. One of my primary concerns is to provide a safe space for you where you can risk sharing what's hurting, distressing or blocking you.

I bring ‘focusing’ into my counselling work. Focusing has been transformative in my own recovery from childhood trauma. It is a bit like mindfulness: slowing down and noticing our feelings as they express themselves. For example, you might notice a tightness in the throat, an unsettled or jumpy feeling in your stomach, or a held-back-ness in your heart or chest area. Letting words or images come from these places within can bring a huge amount of relief, resolve stuck issues and bring new ways of living. We are often ‘in our heads’, trying to solve our problems, without realising that we have an inner resource to use to find our way out of difficulty. You are also welcome to use art materials as a way to express what can’t be put into words.

I’ve been working with clients for over 4 years, and previously worked at a drug and alcohol recovery project and at a low-cost counselling service in Hackney. I have a particular interest in working with childhood trauma.

I charge £50 per session and £50 for the initial session. I currently work Monday mornings, and Thursday afternoon & evenings. Weekend appointments may be possible.